Revizzit Mobile

What if there was a way to have your product available on PC, Mac, AND iPad®, but without a massive development budget and timeline, and with more profit going into your pockets?

As the fastest growing segment, mobile content consumption is the must-have for all content producers. With the Revizzit Studio you will be able to create and deliver your product for PC, Mac and now iPad. And we're not talking about an app that will take a team of coders and months to make. You'll be able to make your own app in minutes, with content you control at an outrageously good price.

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Revizzit Affiliate Network

What if everyone you knew, all of your peers and even your competition could become your partners in generating sales? What if they could earn commissions - and you made sales - from a simple tweet or social media post?

The Revizzit Affiliate network was designed with your sales in mind. Now everyone you know can become your affiliate, effectively increasing your sales exposure exponentially. Generate revenue by listing your friends’ products or even combine forces with your competition to create a complete content solution for your niche. And best of all, you can even advertise and earn commissions from right inside your own products!

Content Platform

What if there were a way to monetize, distribute and present any kind of digital product in a secure, elegant, rich media player - regardless if it’s an ebook, video course, audio series, software app or web content?

Ebook + Videos + Interactivity + Audio. All wrapped up in one elegant, easy to use package. Upload your pdfs. Add your links and video. Reorder your pages. Upsell a module. Drip your content. Create a community. Manage your affiliates. We provide the platform with all the tools to let you focus on what you do best – create and market amazing content.

Dripped Content

What if your product could release new, perfectly-timed, fresh content automatically, from a schedule based on each customer’s unique purchase date?

Revizzit's "drip content" scheduling feature, allows you to add new pages, modules, or upsells on the schedule set by you. Want a new chapter every week? Or a new offer, every month?

Just schedule it, and let it run. Revizzit manages it all automatically.


What if your product was always relevant and never became outdated because you could update every copy of your product in existence?

Everytime you update the content in your Revizzit Products, every single copy in existence gets the new information - and notifies your customers that an update has occured. Think of all the times you've every wanted to change the cover, fix a typo, update the information, or promote something new. Revizziting is at the core of Revizzit's philosophy? Not only do Revizzions keep it all fresh, but every update is an opportunity for your customers to Revizzit your content and reconnect with you.


What if you could create an exclusive community within the confines of your product where customers could network with you and each other.

Every Revizzit product IS a community - where YOU and YOUR PRODUCT are the unifying force. There is no need for them to join your community, they are already a member. Inside your product, you can plus it with chat, discussions, webinars, polls, photo sharing. There is no reason to go find a group or somewhere else to share, it is right there - inside your Revizzit product.

Social Control

What if you could control which parts of your content could be shared, saved or printed - and lock down the rest so tight they can’t even copy and paste the contents?

Revizzit gives you total control over who has access to your content, and how. Revizzit pages can't be saved, or shared, or printed - unless you say so. And you can choose on a page by page basis. The locations of your documents and other media are protected and can't be shared or revealed without your permission. Revizzit even protects you from people copying and pasting your content. Sweet.

Refunds & Returns

What if digital product refunds worked just like the real world - the product gets “returned” when the user gets refunded?

It's good business to guarantee customer satisfaction. But how did it happen in the digital world that you give a refund AND your customer keeps the product? We believe that digital products should work just like the real world. When you return something to a store, you don't have it anymore. And that is exactly how Revizzit works.


What if your product could fully communicate with your customers - monthly, weekly, even daily - without emailing them?

We all get way too much email. How much of it ends up in spam filters, or unopened in the trash? Revizzit gives you a brand new way to communicate with your audience. Right inside your product. When you update a page with your message, your audience sees the new page. When you update your product, just send a ping, and everyone will be notified that there is something new. And if it's a really important update, go ahead and send an email, too. We won't say anything.

Anti-Piracy Technology

What if illegal video recordings of your content, whether by screen capture or video camera, instantly revealed the identification of the offender?

Revizzit protects your products with several layers of technology. In addition to locking your product in our encrypted player, and giving you control over who can download, and protecting the hosting location of your product, we've also developed an exclusive technology that invisibly fingerprints your content - whether it's a page of text, a video or an interactive game. When someone tries to steal your content via video camera or screen capture, our technology immediately identifies the individual. Whether you teach courses, have films or scripts, employee manuals, or exclusive coaching programs, Revizzit protects your content. Revizzit delivers the most sophisticated level of security at a fraction of the cost of other DRM solutions.

New Target Marketing

What if your new evergreen, dynamic product was revizzited so often that it created internal traffic worthy of advertising, upsales and even affiliate offers?

Everytime someone opens a Revizzit Product, not only are they enjoying content, but they are a visitor to your product - in other words, traffic. The more you've engaged your customers with more and better content, the more they'll come back. You'll have their full attention. An audience that is already invested in the content that you provide. It's the perfect opportunity to invite them in for more - through the ads, and offers right inside your product. Just imagine what kind of response rates you'll generate.


What if your product, no matter how large, took up almost no hard drive space on your customer’s system?

Getting new content is great. But all the room it takes up on your hard drive isn't. Revizzit Products store the big stuff up in the cloud - so no matter how much content you deliver, it never clogs up your customer's systems. And, they can access their products from any computer they're using.