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In the Spotlight

Leading From The Inside Out!-Audio Podcast
Leading From The Inside Out!-Audio P ...Robb Holman
  • PC/MAC

We are all familiar with good leaders and bad leaders, but during this breakthrough workshop, inspirational speaker and international trainer, Robb Holman, will focus on the core convictions and practical applications that make up a Transformational Leader!

In this passionate and highly interactive time together, Robb will leave you thinking about what really matters in life and the importance of leading from the inside out!

The FIVE life-changing leadership areas discussed are…

-Leading Yourself First
-Living A Life On Purpose
-24/7 Attitude of Gratitude
-Power in Shared Vision
-Strategic Plan Development (TIME TO TAKE ACTION!)


“Being with Robb is incredibly inspiring! He seems to have an inexhaustible passion for you to know and live your life purpose in everything you do. The best part is that he walks the talk and you can count on Robb’s every word. If you want transformation in your life, Robb will squeeze it out of you. If you don’t want transformation, well, you better run.”-Ryan Gerardi, Digital Technology Coach & Trainer, Founder/CEO of AutoConversion