It's your app!

Every business needs an app.
Every product needs an app.

Whether it's your indie film, your self-published book or magazine, your product catalog, your community newsletter, your how-to videos, your online cookbook... If you want your customers, members or even just friends to have access to your stuff, you need apps.

But creating an app, let alone multiple apps, is difficult, expensive and time consuming. There's the designers, the programmers, the approvals, the waiting periods... and the fees.

At Revizzit, we think everyone should be able to participate in the multi-billion dollar app revolution - WITHOUT the designers, the programmers, the approvals, the waiting periods and the high fees.
So we created Revizzit Mobile for iPad®.

Revizzit Mobile is YOUR app.

We’ll give you the Producer’s checklist...

Creating products with tools your already own. Check. Instantly update your product and change every one in existence. Check. Manage your own sales and turn off the refunded products. Check. Set launch dates, time-release drip content, increase your exposure with the Revizzit Affiliate Network. Check. Check. Check. AND the Revizzit platform was built to protect your property from piracy. Whitelists. Blacklists. Plus you decide what can be shared, and what shouldn't be - right down to the text and images! Super Check.

Wait! First things first. Take care of your clients.

Your customers can purchase your products from the Revizzit Store, or from your own website. The Revizzit Mobile App is free, and available on the App Store. Once they log in, your product streams to their iPad app. Instantly.

The Revizzit Mobile App features our unique Live Switch technology, that allows them to stream in, or "stream off" products on demand, on the go, and without having to sync with their computer, saving them precious, limited hard drive space on their mobile devices.

And because their products are safely stored in the cloud, they’ll never lose them to a system crash or deleted file. And don't forget, those same products can also be delivered to your customers' Windows and Mac computers with our free Revizzit Desktop App.

One last thing…

You're probably wondering, what's this gonna cost? Well to be honest, our price is so embarrassingly low, it's almost laughable.

But it's no joke.

It's time everyone can afford to create an app-based business.

To see our pricing and even more features, click here.

And when you see our price, try not to laugh.