Platinum Rule for Sales Mastery 213-page eBook

Platinum Rule for Sales Mastery 213-page eBook

Producer: Platinum Rule Press
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What would it mean to your career if every prospect told you how to sell them? (They will, if you know how to listen)

How much time and effort would it save you if you knew which customers would love to refer you and which will never refer you? (We will teach you whom to ask and when to save your breath)

Have you ever gone on seemingly identical sales calls, but walked away with two entirely different responses? (History will keep repeating until you learn how to identify and adapt)

The Platinum RuleĀ® for Sales Mastery is a PDF e-book that teaches you how to leverage predictable human behavior; making it comfortable for everyone to buy from you, making it easy to ask for-and receive-referrals, and making it nearly impossible for your customers to ever buy from someone else.

We documented decades of research and empirical field sales experience; writing this book specifically for sales professionals, sales managers, rainmakers and business owners that agree with one simple concept:

You will struggle to sell any product or service until you first sell... yourself.

This book is unique because it:

*Makes other sales methodologies more effective
*Reduces interpersonal tension and increases trust
*Improves salespeople's business and personal relationships
*Simplifies complex psychological concepts
*Contains take-action secrets that lead to quick results
*Makes it possible to recapture lost clients and fix damaged relationships
*Teaches adaptability strategies throughout the 5 phases of buying
*Provides instructions for effective communication skills