Profit Ability

Profit Ability

Producer: Isle of Night Productions, LLC
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Profit Ability: How to Create and Market Digital Products That Will Transform Your Business

The flow of information, knowledge and expertise can take many forms, from one-on-one personal development to resource-based media such as ebooks, emags, videos and video courses, audio, podcasting, software and continuity (membership) products.

In this 50 minute teleclass recording and 36 page transcript, Nick Night shares his expertise and insight into creating inexpensive, but highly effective digital products that you can leverage to grow your platform and increase your bottom line.

Digital products have become a way of life. The world has embraced this paradigm shift in their consumption of information, preferring the convenience of availability across multiple connected devices, and immediate access upon purchase. As a digital publisher, you benefit from little to no distribution or production expense, an international consumer base, and the availability of targeted, inexpensive online advertising and social media marketing. Whether used as lead-gen magnets, or to generate additional revenue streams, digital products work 24/7, locally and globally, to enhance your business.

These digital assets can vastly improve your client's experience, loyalty and retention, by providing more value with relevant updates and ongoing premium content. Furthermore, there are automation techniques available which enable the content to be delivered either on a schedule or by client engagement, freeing you up to focus on other areas of your business.

You will discover the secret to "content modalities", which will increase your client's engagement up to 75% and ensure your message achieves maximum impact. Nick will be giving you actionable tips to get started quickly, cross-media production strategies and sharing several of his favorite resources for getting your project done at little or no cost.

"It broadened my perspective on how to do everything bigger and easier. It helped me get re-motivated to proceed with some of my backburner projects around the topic."
Victoria Westerskov
Successful-Career (dot) com

"Nick got me thinking about developing material for multiple platforms. He lowered the fear factor by making it sound very doable."
Sara Tucker
UCLA Anderson School of Management

"Relevant, up to date, practical, accessible. I see myself embracing and applying many of these tools and methodologies."
Gordon Brooks
The Observing Self Coaching