Synced - Mac/PC & iPad

Synced - Mac/PC & iPad

Producer: Nick Night
  • PC/MAC
  • IPAD

SYNCED: A Visionary Approach To Turning Your eBooks, Videos And Content Into Live Broadcasts, Your Customers Into Lifelong Connections, And Your Business Into A Marketing Machine

What if you could INSTANTLY push new content into every product you've ever sold?

What would you do differently?
You might update the information and make it more relevant. You’d probably correct typos or fix some broken links.

What would you add?
You could add some information about your new products. Maybe even a link to the sales page.
You could add a new chapter, or some new footage. You could offer some bonus content, or sell tickets to an event.

Now imagine being able to do this every single day…
You could create a weekly, or daily, private newsletter inside your product that ONLY your customers can see. You could have advertising placement and generate additional revenue. You could feature affiliate product reviews, or have social media contests.

The fact is, you could be doing this TODAY. Whether you are selling eBooks, videos, magazines, catalogs, training courses, or even software, there is a system that allows you to do all of this and more!

In this amazing book, Nick Night will reveal:
How to turn any digital product into a live-connected broadcast
How to communicate with your customers directly – WITHOUT email!
How to cross-promote your products by connecting them together
How to connect all of your customers – inside your product – into a private community
How to create an advertising platform inside your product
How to earn a commission selling your competitor’s products to your customers
How to get your competitors to sell your products to their customers
How to protect any kind of product from piracy – even screen capture!
How to make products disappear when refunded
…plus product bundles, dripped content, private distribution, and more.