Brew More Business - Mac/PC/iPad

Brew More Business - Mac/PC/iPad

Producer: Solutions Are Brewing
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You have a message the world needs to hear, right? Now you need to find an audience willing to pay to hear your message. Finding clients and figuring out how to make money in this field are two of the most challenging aspects of the professional speaking business. This guide provides 96 ways to get booked AND get paid!

The best part of this book is that the ideas are scalable. Whether you have been a speaker for twenty days or twenty years, there is an idea in here for you. The guide includes five topic areas, subdivided for each level of speaker; emerging, established and experienced

In short, easy-to-read entries, you will find ideas on how to get booked and get paid as a speaker, trainer, consultant or entertainer. Also available are audio tracks for a deep dive on many of the topics, videos to illustrate key points, and downloadable documents including sample contracts and sales scripting.

The guide ends with one idea that is guaranteed to earn back your investment many times over on your next accepted proposal.

Best of all, the content is evergreen! When Laurie encounters a great idea for speakers she adds it to the book immediately. This one-time investment will continue to serve your sales and marketing needs for years to come because the content stays current forever.

About the author:
Laurie Guest, CSP has been paid to speak for over 25 years. She is a certified speaking professional, an earned designation from the National Speakers Association and held by less than 10% of speakers worldwide. She is known as a savvy business woman with a desire to help other speakers learn to make money painlessly. Visit her website at