Sales Readiness

Sales Readiness

Producer: Jim Cathcart
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Sales Readiness: How Preparation Leads to Opportunity…

A rowing team works as one seamless unit, yet is made up of unique individuals. In order for it to be successful, this team must have the complete commitment of each of its members. They must immerse themselves in the activity of rowing and release their individual interests and concerns so that the group can work as one.

The same is true for sales competence. Many different skills are required in order to excel in sales. One must be able to manage oneself, target the right prospective customers, marshal the resources that will help make the sale, communicate clearly and convincingly, connect with all types of people, and much more.

But in order for a salesperson to sustain a successful sales career, all these skills must work in concert. It is not enough to merely be strong in a few areas.