Savvy Parenting Audiobook

Savvy Parenting Audiobook

Producer: Laura Stack
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Savvy Parenting: Raising Productive, Responsible Teenagers

Raising a teen can be one of the most difficult jobs you'll ever take on---but it can also be one of the most joyous. And while it seems that we hear about the terrifying aspects of our society's "dangerous little grown-ups" every single day, all it takes is a firm, loving hand for most kids to respond in a positive manner.

In this program, bestselling author (and mother) Laura Stack outlines her secrets for parenting a teenager to teach the productive habits required to graduate to adult status and truly succeed at life. Among other things, Laura discusses why it's important to:

1. Spend time with your kids and keep the lines of communication open.
2. Emphasize the value of personal responsibility as a solid foundation for life.
3. Show your teens how to organize the important belongings in their lives.
4. Help your teens manage their time logically and successfully.
5. Teach your teens valuable fiscal lessons.
6. Maintain the steady level of guidance and discipline every teen requires.

You can't abdicate these responsibilities in any way, to anyone, if you expect your teen to turn out right. It's all up to you. So take a few minutes to listen and learn from Laura!

Includes streaming audio.