Get Productive - Volume 2: Time Management

Get Productive - Volume 2: Time Management

Producer: Laura Stack
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This collection contains the following products:

Become a Productive, Indispensable Assistant
Avoiding Procrastination and Becoming Self-Disciplined
Emergencies, Rush Jobs, and Unexpected Situations: How to Manage Crises Without Ruining Your Day
Managing Your Time, Priorities, and Schedule: How to Control Your Day in an Uncontrollable Workplace
Building Speed and Agility: Be More Efficient and Get More Done in Less Time
Focusing on Your Work: Maintain Your Concentration in an Environment of Distractions

Ebooks and Audiobooks:
Becoming Self-Disciplined - Make Yourself Do What You Should Do, Even When You Don’t Feel Like It
Controlling Your Day in an Uncontrollable World - Maximize Your Personal Productivity
Creating a Time Management System that Works for YOU - Paper, Electronic, or Hybrid?
Important Components of a Time Management System - What You Need to be Organized
Organizing Your Office and Your Life - Clear the Clutter and Your Mind
Productive Reading Strategies - Organizing and Tackling Your Reading Pile
Tackling Timewasters - Pleasing, Perfectionism, and Procrastination
Where Did I Put My Keys? Six Essential Skills for a Stellar Memory