Get Productive - Volume 5: Leadership & Management

Get Productive - Volume 5: Leadership & Management

Producer: Laura Stack
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This collection contains the following products:

Meetings! Where Minutes are Kept and Hours are Wasted
How Leaders Can Get More Done Through Others: How Micromanagement Can Kill Productivity and Creativity
Executive Time Management: How Time Management Changes As You Move From Middle Management To The VP/C-Suite Level
Planning and Executing Long-Term Projects: Project Management for Non-Project Managers
Looking at Time through the Lens of Leadership: Get More Work from Fewer People

Ebooks and Audiobooks
Change is a Celebration - Approaching Uncertainty with Confidence and a Positive Attitude
Coaching and Mentoring Employees - Helping Others Achieve Their Very Best
Leadership Strategies for the Four Stages of Change - Moving People to Commitment NEEDS REVISION BY LAURA
Managing Employee Performance - Motivation, Ability, and Obstacles
Moving on UP - Changing Your Approach at the Managerial Level
Productivity Strategies for Executives - Time Management Issues Facing C-Suite Leaders
The Performance Engagement Model - Managing the Five Personality Profiles in the Workplace