Get Productive - Volume 6: Team Productivity

Get Productive - Volume 6: Team Productivity

Producer: Laura Stack
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This collection contains the following products:

Email Best Practices: Fall in Love with Your Inbox
Tracking Down People For Follow-Ups, Answers, Reminders: Creating an Effective Babysitting System
Assertiveness and Direct Communication: Your Wording Is a Critical Productivity Tool
Dealing With Distractions and Interruptions: Strategies for Staying Focused on Important Tasks
Making Teams Work: How to be a Productive and Effective Team

Ebooks and Audiobooks:
Communicating Effectively with Email - Courtesies, Protocols, and Time Savers
Focusing on Your Work - Maintain Your Concentration in an Environment of Distraction
Making Teams Work - How to Create Productive and Effective Teams
The Productivity TIP System - Organizing Your Time, Information, and People
Time Management - How to Control Your Day in an Uncontrollable Workplace