Story Impact Academy Deluxe Edition - Mac/PC/Mobile

Story Impact Academy Deluxe Edition - Mac/PC/Mobile

Producer: Kelly Swanson
  • PC/MAC
  • IPAD

Story Impact Academy – Deluxe Edition

- Be held accountable
- Get personal coaching from Kelly throughout the course

In this upgraded deluxe version of the Story Impact Academy, you get Kelly Swanson actually looking at your work and giving you feedback. In the Deluxe Edition, you are held accountable for your work. You don’t get to unlock the next lesson until you have turned in your homework for Kelly to review. Once Kelly reviews the lesson and sends you feedback, you will receive the code that unlocks the next assignment. You also have tests and an exam. To proceed with the course, you must take all tests and pass them. This deluxe edition is perfect for those who want a little personal coaching mixed in with their learning.

The ability to connect and engage is a skill set that will serve you well in any platform where you want to impact and influence others. The key to connecting on a deeper level, is not found in your facts or your data, but in your ability to wrap that data in story. It is no surprise that the art of storytelling is a highly sought after skill. We all know the role stories play in our ability to connect, but writing them isn’t so easy for most of us. Kelly Swanson has made the process easy and fun with her online Story Impact Academy. This course teaches you a step-by-step method for crafting a story to use a tool in business. Walk away with a template you can use for years. Not only that, the course walks you through the construction of the three most critical stories of connection– the About Me story, the Brand story, and the Customer story. Walk away with your three stories already written and ready to share with the world.

In this crowded market, it’s not really about being the loudest. The key is not to be heard above the noise, but to be trusted above the noise. Trust is about connection. Connection is emotional. Your data does not have the ability to connect on an emotional level. Story does. Story takes your data and wraps it in a way that connects with your listener. Find a way to tell your story, the story of your brand, and the story of your listener – and you have the ultimate connection. -Kelly Swanson

This course is a series of 18 video lessons that walk you through your story crafting process. Each video is a daily lesson from Kelly followed by your daily homework. You will work on your three stories throughout the course, and Kelly will guide you every step of the way.