Leaders Ought To Know: Earning The Right To Be Heard with Philip Van Hooser - Desktop/Mobile

Leaders Ought To Know: Earning The Right To Be Heard with Philip Van Hooser - Desktop/Mobile

Producer: Laura Stack
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Leaders Ought To Know: Earning The Right To Be Heard
Sponsored by Laura Stack, Founder & CEO, LEADERSHIP USA™
Presented by Phil Van Hooser, MBA, CSP, CPAE


The most effective leaders are known by — and respected for — their individual ability to create and communicate ideas, concepts, strategies, solutions, techniques, etc., each specifically directed toward resolving (or neutralizing) issues and problems plaguing individuals, groups and/or organizations. Unfortunately, far too many otherwise bright, capable leaders simply have never learned and therefore, don’t practice, the proven processes the best leaders regularly use to capture the imagination, attention and respect of their superiors.

This fast-paced, high energy, practical workshop is specifically designed to introduce and prepare interested leaders to not only “get what they want” from the decision making process, but to also “earn the right to be heard” from those who are ultimately charged with making those critical decisions. Participants will walk away from this workshop armed with practical, time-tested information, tools and techniques specifically intended to get what they want — AND to earn the right to be heard in the process.

Objectives: This presentation is designed to …
  1. Share a 6-step process for ensuring interpersonal communication connection.
  2. Explore 5-steps in communication and decision making for leaders.
  3. Deploy a 3-step process for active one-on-one listening.
  4. Highlight 2 primary reasons individuals unintentionally forfeit communication’s “higher ground.”
  5. Identify 5 universal questions/answers needed in order to “earn the right to be heard.”

Session includes: Seminar and workbook.

About Phillip Van Hooser:

From FORTUNE 500 manufacturing, community banking, and boardroom leadership, Phillip Van Hooser’s experience equips and inspires emerging and experienced leaders with top U.S. companies like ExxonMobil, Crocs, and AmeriGas. Valued for his practical, plainspoken leadership approach, Phil is a Hall of Fame speaker and author. His latest book, Leaders Ought To Know: 11 Ground Rules for Common Sense Leadership, is a must-read for leaders feeling the pressure to perform.