Faster Together: Accelerating Your Team's Productivity

Faster Together: Accelerating Your Team's Productivity

Producer: Laura Stack
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Purchase the F-A-S-T TEAM TOOLKIT!

As a supplement to the FASTER TOGETHER book, the F-A-S-T Team Toolkit is available for purchase to help your team discuss and resolve its challenges. 

For $199, you’ll receive the following four documents as downloadable and printable 8.5 x 11 PDFs:

1. The Car Chief Instructions (directions on how to manage and run the FASTER TOGETHER program).

2. A 50-PAGE manual for the Team Car Chief to facilitate the FASTER TOGETHER program. The Car Chief runs the FASTER TOGETHER program but is not necessarily the team leader. This is additional content NOT in the FASTER TOGETHER book, which includes:

Three Key Points to summarize each Speed Bump (the Car Chief will reinforce the main themes from the assigned reading at the beginning of the meeting)
Three Discussion Questions to tee up the conversation (the participants have reflected on these questions in advance in their participant guides)
Three Interactive Activities: (a) Case Study review of fictional Mayap University, (b) An Application and debrief to resolve problems, and (c) Instructions to facilitate the Team Car Activity, which is a separate Interactive Exercise (the participant manual has a graphic). Team members do not have the Car Chief text in their participant manuals.

3. A 101-page PDF participant workbook for team members to complete as they read the book. This is additional content NOT in the FASTER TOGETHER text, which includes:
A Case Study of fictional Mayap University with space to answer these questions (a) What is your reaction to this situation after reading the text in FASTER TOGETHER? (b)  How do you relate your team to the situation? Where have we experienced similar challenges? (c) What should the Mayap team have done differently?
Discussion Questions for participants to journal and reflect on the application of the text to their teams as they read the book
Worksheets to use during the team meeting when completing the Team Car Activity (instructions will be given by the Car Chief)

4. A “Cliffs Notes” version of the book, with easy-to-review outlines of the Four Keys and 48 Speed Bumps, as well as the FAST TEAM quiz, which may also be taken online at no charge at

One purchase (license) is required PER TEAM (not per organization or per department). For example, a two hundred–strong department overseen by a VP is not a team; rather, the department would consist of multiple teams. Each team within the department and the leadership team, for example, would each need its own licensed F-A-S-T Team Toolkit. I use the honor system; please respect these license terms and purchase one copy of this product for each team working the program together (typically 3-12 people). Each Car Chief will need his/her own manual.

See for additional resources or to purchase Laura Stack’s book, FASTER TOGETHER: Accelerating Your Team’s Productivity!